Principal’s Message

Dear Students,
                           We are living in a world where the value system has totally crumbled. Virtues like honesty, integrity, nationalism, contentment, sacrifice, simplicity and humility have vanished. There is lack of faith in God. Money is the new God. Everybody is busy getting and spending. Women too are competing with men in all spheres of life. But unfortunately, they too have started using the same foul means that men have used for generations. I want you to compete with men even more vigorously but would exhort you to do so using honest means.

            The purpose of Jeevan Chanan Mahila Mahavidyalaya is to empower you in the right way, through education. Think positive, work hard and prepare yourself for a better and beautiful tomorrow. While you are here, seek knowledge that can not only prepare you to earn an honest living but also contribute your bit towards making this world a better place to live in.

              In addition to preparing yourself for your university examinations, take part in extra-curricular activities and better your personality. Play some games also so that you have a healthy body and therein a healthy mind.

          When you leave this college after completing your course of study, you should bear that unique stamp of JCMM.

                     On behalf of the founder of this not-for- profit institute Sh. B.R. Arora Ji and also the managing committee of the college, I promise to provide you the best possible infrastructure, faculty and environment so that you gather knowledge, build some skill set and develop your personality and character in such a way that the world may point at you and say there goes a JCMM alumna and your alma mater also feels proud of you.